We have extensive experience handling DWI cases in and around Monroe Country.

Our local experience translates into results for you!

We understand

That a DWI conviction has a major impact on your life. If convicted, you may face jail time, felony DWI, heavy fines, suspension of your driver's license or probation. We can help you. We can identify potential issues with how you were stopped, questioned, and how the chemical breath test was administered. Depending on your case, we may be able to reduce or eliminate jail time, help you keep your driver's license, reduce DWI to a lesser charge or avoid a trial with a plea bargain. In some instances, we can help you beat the charge altogether.


"I cannot thank you enough! Mr. Ganguly is an outstanding trial attorney, if I ever run into another problem with the law he will be my first and only phone call!"

A.K., Rochester

"These attorneys are the best! I absolutely recommend calling if you are facing a DWI charge or any criminal charge for that matter. They have experience and get results."

S.B., Rochester

"When I saw Mr. Ganguly in action, I couldn't help but appreciate the zeal, determination, and attention to detail that he demonstrated in the courtroom. With him on your side in a court of law you can rest assured that he will do everything in his power to ensure you a fair trial, and to protect your rights"

Paul G., Rochester, NY